Some of these sermons are David's most requested from the past. He has taken them from his files, reread, and sometimes updated them.  Others are newly created. All material is free for anyone to use as a resource for personal thought and reflection.

"... out of the storeroom new treasures
as well as old." Matthew 13:52

Sermons of
David W. Chadwell

Advancing relationships -- the Divine and Human!

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Chronological Order


  Faith: God's Solution to the Problem of Sin, Part 1 (3/26/09)
  Unity: God Can Handle Our Differences, Part 4 (2/12/09)
  Unity: A Divine or Human Accomplishment? Part 3 (2/12/09)
  Unity: The Meaning of Oneness, Part 2 (2/10/09)
  Unity: The Concept, Part 1 (1/30/09)
Insights From Ephesians, Pt. 6 (5/29/08)
Insights From Ephesians, Pt. 5 (5/27/08)
Insights From Ephesians, Pt. 4 (4/16/08)
Insights From Ephesians, Pt. 3 (4/15/08)
Insights From Ephesians, Pt. 2 (4/3/08)
Insights From Ephesians, Pt. 1 (3/28/08)
Christianity and Relationships, Pt. 4 (3/11/08)
Christianity and Relationships, Pt. 3 (3/6/08)
Christianity and Relationships, Pt. 2 (2/26/08)
Christianity and Relationships, Pt. 1 (2/6/08)
God's Dedication to Healing (1/9/08)
The Challenge of Disappointment (1/8/08)


Understanding Each Other (12/19/07)
Learning to Think Like God (10/18/07)
A Significant Crisis (9/27/07)
A Significant Challenge in Sharing Jesus (9/20/07)
Sharing Jesus, Part 4 (9/12/07)
Sharing Jesus, Part 3 (8/22/07)
Sharing Jesus, Part 2 (8/21/07)
Sharing Jesus, Part 1 (8/16/07)
The Power of Imitation (7/30/07)
Difficulty Requires the Prayer of Persistent Patience (6/20/07)
Godly Behavior, Part 2 (5/23/07)
Godly Behavior, Part 1 (5/16/07)
The Agony of Change, Part 4 (5/3/07)
The Agony of Change, Part 3 (5/2/07)
The Agony of Change, Part 2 (5/1/07)
The Agony of Change, Part 1 (4/24/07)
The Lord Speaks (4/23/07)
Thy Will Be Done on Earth (4/10/07)
God's Solution to the Problem of Sin (4/04/07)
The Woman With the Issue of Blood (3/7/07)
The War and the Congregation --Pt. 3 (2/28/07)
The War and Me -- Pt. 2 (2/6/07)
There Is A War Going On -- Pt. 1 (2/3/07)
The Resurrection of Lazarus (1/22/07)

The Costliness of Salvation (1/16/07)


Land of Bondage or Opportunity? (12/05/06)
Why Did They Do It? (11/29/06)
A Message for Parents & Grandparents (11/21/06) (a resource for parents)
When the Cock Crows! (11/17/06)
My Child and My Faith (10/30/06) (a resource for parents)
Addressing the Spiritual Needs of Our Children (10/24/06) (a resource for parents)
Showing People Jesus (10/11/06)
Jesus: "I Beheld Satan Falling (9/28/06)
Resisting Jesus (9/21/06)
The Mind of Christ (9/14/06)
The God of Compassion (9/7/06)
Freedom From Guilt (8/31/06)
Two Critical Perspectives: The Exodus and The Cross (8/26/06)
The Case of the Insensitive Pagan (8/10/06)
The Seekers (8/8/06)
In No Way Could God Be At Work In This! (7/25/06)
Which Is Easier For Jesus? (posted 6/27/06)


Westward Ho! Heavenward Ho! (posted 6/22/06)




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