Unity and Uniformity in the

Early Church

Dedicated to all who seek Godís definitions of Godís concepts.
May all such people have the kind of faith that is willing to think,
that is willing to seek the courage of understanding,
and that is willing to seek the wisdom to trust
all God did and continues to do in Jesus Christ.
by David Chadwell
Copyright © 2005



Cast of Characters


  1. Beginning the Journey

  2. Is Unity Uniformity?

  3. Myth Number One

  4. The Jewish Temple

  5. The Second Problem

  6. Myth Number Two

  7. To Be An Israelite

  8. Gentiles Are Dangerous

  9. To Be Happy When God is Happy

  10. Here We Go Again

  11. The Window

  12. A Look at Paul

  13. Romans 14, Unity & Uniformity

  14. Peter Was Just Being Peter

  15. Myth Number Three

  16. The Challenge

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