Becoming God's Spiritual Person


By David W. Chadwell

March, 2010


Chapter 1 A Focus

Chapter 2 Does Scripture Use the Concept of "Spiritual Person"?

Chapter 3  Being All You Can Be

Chapter 4  The Reality

Chapter 5  The Irony

Chapter 6  The Partnership

Chapter 7  With God's Help

Chapter 8  Growing In My Ability to "See" As God "Sees"

Chapter 9  Spiritual Maturity and Distance From God

Chapter 10 Christian Spirituality: Promoting God's Value--Not Ours

Chapter 11 Inferior, Ineffective Concepts of Being Spiritual

Chapter 12 The Big, Deceptive Mistake

Chapter 13 The Choice

Copyright 2010
David Chadwell and
West-Ark Church of Christ

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